Poppy David

I grew up in the countryside, not rural idyll, but deep dark West Country, where in the winter you batten down the hatches against the constant rain, and have little else to do but read.

I was raised by my mum, the kindest person in the world, who always found money for books for me, even when we were broke. Needless to say, I have been devouring books since I could read and have been writing for myself since my early teens (when not occupied with building forts in the nearby woods or riding my rescue pony to the village for sweets).

Now 29, I live and work in London. My degrees in Art History from Oxford Brookes (BA) and the Courtauld Institute (MA) led me to Christie’s auction house, and then to research for arts publisher Thames & Hudson, where I finally settled in the production department, looking after a list of art and children’s picture books.

I read everything – but love middle grade, crime and some YA, especially if it is down to earth with humour. My favourite authors include Philip Reeve, Eva Ibbotson, Stuart Hill (his Icemark Chronicles are a force to be reckoned with), Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I love Garth Nix, and tried to convince Working Title Films to make movies of his books when I was there for a week of work experience (fifteen and knee-deep in Sabriel's story). I have a tendency towards the dramatic and sometimes find myself imitating Shirley Jackson when I write, but always ruin it by cracking a bad joke.

I love to read, ski and travel. I enjoy WWII documentaries, and devour crime tv.


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