Nik Naidoo is a personal trainer, CrossFit Coach, Barry's Bootcamp instructor and Under Armour Ambassador.

Niks love for sports, health and fitness stemmed from a young age, having played competitive Rugby and more recently taking up CrossFit. Fitness for Nik has always been a way to express himself. His career first began in sports marketing however over time he realised he was not really fulfilling his true potential. With a degree in Philosophy, Nik has always been a bit of a ‘thinker’, and decided to leave the 9-5 and pursue his real passion. In only 18 months of being in the industry, Nik is now a CrossFit coach and Trainer at Barrys Bootcamp, arguably the most respected fitness studio globally.

A large part of why Nik first started behind a desk was due to his stammer. Nik still has a stammer today however it was his biggest setback growing up as he felt suppressed from being able to communicate effectively. This led to huge confidence issues as a child. When Nik first discovered teaching, the stammer went on the mic. He realised that even in the most of unlikely scenarios, that teaching was Niks calling. For him, it is the perfect illustration that against all odds, Nik is able to do what he truly loves. His training philosophy is based around this concept of connecting fitness and life together – using exercise as a tool to find inner strength, discover your real value, and ultimately live a better life both mentally and physically.



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